Autumn for me represents West; the Element of Water and its time is Dusk (evening), an in-between time when the gradual shift from daylight into darkness is taking place. Water is the element that stimulates inner wisdom, intuition and the release of what is no longer of benefit to self-healing, simply stated.

Autumnal Equinox: September 21 ~ as with the seasons of our year what is started is yet to finish. All life exists in a continual state of non-completion while moving within the pattern of continual growth.

For those of us who still have old fashioned Web Sites here are some Web Sets you may enjoy enjoy using. First up to view are my Autumn Sets and then if you scroll down the page a bit you will come to my Halloween Sets.

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It is said Halloween is rooted in the Pagan Harvest Festival of Samhain celebrated on the night of October 31; a time when the barrier between the Natural and Societal Worlds is the thinnest. For Christians it is the Eve of All Hallows' Day; celebrated by adults and children alike with parties; candy and costuming that begins a three-day observance of Allhallowtide mostly practiced in Canada and the United States. (Wikipedia)

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