Spring corresponds to East; the Element of Air, mind, consciousness and awareness. Spring is first light, awakening, regeneration, and birth. Spring corresponds to dawn (morning), a new day and a new beginning. It is the time of planting new seeds or projects for future harvesting and communing with the dimensions of self.

For those of us who still have old fashioned Web Sites I have put together a few Spring and Fantasy Web Sets you may enjoy using. Each section below is linked to a specific Web Set for viewing and to return to this page just use your browser back button. If you find a set you would like to use please follow the instructions on that set's page.

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Spring 5 Spring 6 Spring 7 Spring 8
Spring 9 Spring 10 Spring 11 Spring 12
Spring 13 Spring 14 Spring 15 In Process

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Faery 5 Faery 6 Faery 7 Faery 8
Faery 9 Faery 10 Faery 11 Faery 12
Faery 13 In Process In Process In Process

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