Within Nature the Element of Earth has many expressions we see as physical form and shape. Many of the forms I am personally attracted to are Trees, Animals and Birds for no reason in particular other than what they teach me. For example, I make note of a particular animal or bird that is grabbing my attention in the moment. I check out what family they are from; their colors, actions; what I am thinking of prior to or during their visits. How have I been or how am I feeling at the time, etc. Yes it's true that birds fly and animals meander around for purpose; but it is also true that I am aware our Spiritual Essence responds when there is need. When there are questions needing answers that can be fulfilled no other way or when there is heartache needing relief…

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Black Bear; Survival Brown Bear; Introspection Cardinal; Vitality Renewed Chickadees; Expresses Truth
Deer; Gentleness, Peace Red Fox; Discretion Lynx; Secrets, Vision Moose; Contradiction
Swallow: Proper Perceptions White Bears; the Unconscious White Bear Cubs; Awakening Wolves; Guardianship
Woodpeckers; Rhythm Giant Panda; Balance Tiger; Devotion; Power Red Panda; Determination
Wolf; Loyalty; Spirit Wolf; Teaching Skills Bighorn Sheep; Beginnings Cougar; Leadership
In Process In Process In Process In Process

Altimira Oriole Baltimore Oriole Blue Jay Blue Jay
Faery (Blue) Wren Male Faery (Blue) Wren Female Cardinal Male Cardinal Female
Chickadee Pair Chickadee Downy Woodpecker Red Wing Black Bird
Goldfinch Pair Goldfinch Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron
Gros Beak House Finch Indigo Bunting Mourning Dove
Painted Bunting Red Start Male Red Start Female Scarlet Tanager
Snow Bunting Sparrow Townsend's Solitaire Tree Swallow
Tree Swallow In Process In Process In Process

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